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Q: Is Andrea the mother or the daughter?
A: Mom is indeed the mother. What a statement. She only looks like the daughter. If she had a dollar for every time…

Q: What's the birth order of the kids?
A: Briahna is the oldest Brydon is in the middle, and Garon is the youngest.

Q: Are you a real family?
A: Yes we are. Mom and dad will celebrate their 32nd wedding anniversary on May 24, 2012. None of the kids are adopted, although we wonder where Brydon came from some times.

Q: Is Brydon single?
A: Yes. If you'd like to submit a resume, just e-mail He will call auditions as soon as soon as enough millionaire candidates are on file.

Q: Does Briahna's husband perform in the show? Is he musically inclined?
A: Indeed Merrill is musically inclined but he does not perform in the show. He plays accoustic and bass guitar and has a beautiful singing voice.

Q: What does Briahna's husband do?
A: Merrill works in Cyber Systems Operations in the Air National Guard, a branch of the Air Force.

Q: How do you all stay looking so young?
A: This is mostly just a rhetorical question people ask us all of the time, but seriously, all we do is try to live, eat, and exercise well. A lot of stage makeup too. :)

Q: Do you guys really get along as well as you appear to onstage?
A: We're a real family and we're definitely not perfect, but we do get along pretty darn well, and we honestly are each other's biggest fans. We're just one small happy family.

Q: When did you start performing?
A: Mom and dad started singing together when they first met. Each of the kids joined in one by one as they were ready. Briahna was five years old when she first appeared on stage; Brydon was four years old; and Garon was probably around six years old.

Q: Do you come from a musical background?
A: Dad's mother, Karlyn Brett, is a concert pianist who at age 76 still teaches 40+ piano students weekly. Mom also grew up singing and performing with her family from a very young age, and both sides of the family have rich musical heritage. Dad's Grandpa Frost sang at over 3,500 funerals which, as dad likes to say, is ""how he paid for his and grandma's plots."" There's a lot of musical talent in our family. When we go to family reunions and sing together it's like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, except we have more people.

Q: How do you kids get your education?
A: Actually, Briahna attended one semester per year at Brigham Young University in order to be able to do school and perform in Branson. So it literally took her nine years total to graduate college. Brydon did part-time home school and part-time at a local private Christian school. He then took off to Virginia to attend school and only performed in Branson during the summer and on tour dates. He's now graduated and is back in Branson permanently. Garon also did part-time home school and part-time at the same local private Christian school as Brydon. He's finished one semester of college at Brigham Young University and plans to continue pursuing his collegiate education when he returns from his mission in Colombia.

Q: Did the boys really play basketball or did they just learn for show?
A: Both of the boys were real players. Brydon received interest and offers from 13 different colleges and Garon received some offers as well. Both of them played through junior high and high school, and Brydon went on to play at Southern Virginia University. Neither one of the boys play basketball seriously anymore, but they still do some tricks on stage every once and awhile.

Q: Do you make your own costumes?
A: We don't make them, but mom and Briahna do the costume design and then they are tailor made by our wonderful seamstress, who is like Thimbleina. Like a dentist, she can do pretty much anything with a needle.

Q: Who does all your vocal arranging?
A: Mom does most all the vocal arranging for the family. Some times we come up with it together as a group and some of us are developing the skills to arrange as well. But mom does such an awesome job we don't even want to try some times.

Q: Who produces your show?
A: It's definitely a group effort, and it's quite the process. After many hours (and days) of discussion and strategizing we finally come up with what will be the best. We often get input from our fans on Facebook or other places, which helps us make decisions between songs and we always try to listen to the feedback we get from our fans and anyone who offers suggestions.

Q: Who does all of your choreography?
A: Briahna does most all of the choreography and has done so for years. Lately others in the family have started to take on a bigger role in this, but it's still primarily Briahna. With all of her training and background in theater and dance she comes up with some great stuff.

Q: Where does Brydon get all his energy?
A: Wal-Mart water and Tony Little workouts. Easy.

Q: Has Halle finally given into Brydon's charms?
A: It's amazing that she hasn't yet. Brydon thought that Just For the Rice video would be irresistible. He'll keep working.

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