Bobby Blackburn

Bobby is the Bretts Music Director and current lead guitarist.  Current lead guitarist is mentioned only because bobby used to play the keyboard for the Bretts, in his early days with the family.  He has earned both Keyboard Player and Lead Guitar Player of the year awards while working with the Brett Family.  To try and sum up Bobby’s musical ability a short story is in order.  At one point Eddie Rabbit’s former drummer, Jimmy Hyde, was working with the family.  After playing with Bobby for a while he approached Tom and said “What is Bobby doing here in Branson?  He is a world class talent and should be out touring with the best of the best!”  The family agrees and loves having Bobby on the team.  Bobby can play about any instrument on the stage, and pretty much has at different times as necessity dictates.

Bobby adds a dimension to the show that not every musician can readily do, he’s also a great performer.  Bobby is naturally funny and adds a lot to any show that he works with.  Bobby had been with the Bretts now going on his 11th full season and played the beginning part of their first season on the Branson strip.

Bobby initially came to Branson with a group of very young players out of the Dallas Texas area that included Clay Cooper and Michael Jackson (the drummer version).  Bobby has played in several shows in town but is extremely loyal to a show once he starts.  He currently is Music Director and lead guitarist for the Pierce Arrow show.  He plays in three shows a day.

Bobby is married to the lovely Melody Blackburn and they have two grown children, one of whom is the Bretts current drummer, Robby Blackburn.  They will soon be first time grandparents as their daughter Brittany just recently married and is going to present them with that wonderful gift.

Bobby is a tremendous asset to the Bretts and you’re guaranteed to love his comedic antics, musicality, beautiful voice and just plain getting to know him.  He has his own studio and has produced numerous recordings for many different artists over the years.

There have been a lot of great and fun moments with Bobby on the show, but one that sticks out for sure is when he won Keyboard Player of the Year.  When they presented him with the award they had misspelled his name to read “Bobby Blackbum”.  True to form he just laughed at it and took it all in stride.

We’ve decided to include Bobby’s original questionnaire that we gave him to gather information to write this Bio, just because it really gives you insight into Bobby’s personality.    Enjoy.

Robert Blackburn

Arlington, Texas

Current City:

Birthday (no year):
May 23rd

Position/role with The Bretts:
Music Director (Idiot)

Amount of time with The Bretts:
10 yrs And 2 hours every morning

Hi skool/ potty

Work experience:
Pierce Arrow and The Bretts (so far I haven’t experienced work)
Life experience (community involvement, extracurriculars, achievements, etc.):
I have a recording studio and I love to cook. I have been honored to win Guitar player of the year and Keyboard player of the year.

Professional accomplishments:
I have accomplished to keep 2 jobs for many years….Pretty Impressive!

Coolest musical experience:
Opening for Tim McGaw, Toby Keith, Trisha Yearwood, Diamond Rio, The Judds and Willie Nelson!

•         Favorite musical artists:
•         Restless Heart, Steve Wariner, Gary Morris, Lee Greenwood, Gene Watson, Israel Houghton, Cindy Cruise With Lakewood Church, Clint Brown, Martha Munizzi, Bon Jovi and Steve Perry

Favorite movies:
Ice Castles, Endless Love, Grease 1 and 2 Just about Every Denzel Washington Movie, Urban Cowboy, Coal Miners Daughter and Footloose

Favorite books:
The Bible, One Tuesday Morning, Beyond Tuesday Morning and Unlocked

Who are some people who inspire you?
My Savior Jesus, My wife, My kids, My Mom and Dad and all the Veterans Of America

What are your interests or hobbies?
Cooking, Music, Fishing, Hunting and Spending time with my family and my dog.

What motivates you?
Happiness and Money

What is your favorite thing about working with The Bretts?
They give me a chance to be myself.

What future thing are you most excited about in working with The Bretts?
Paycheck…..and Its just downright fun!!

Other interesting things about you:
I was in the Movie Tender Mercies with Robert Duvall when I was 11 years old. I started playing music at 3 years old. I love playing and singing worship music and I believe I have the greatest job in the world.