Colt Straub

James Colt Straub,  is the keyboardist extraordinaire for the Bretts, now in his 4th season.  Colt was born September the 15th in Kansas City Missouri to two very gifted and musically talented parents who had a lot on influence in setting Colt’s direction and love of music.  He is also very at home on the guitar as well as playing other instruments like the mandolin and harmonica, and pretty much any other instrument that the gig calls for.  He had brief mentorships under Steinway pianist Larry Dalton and also under Hirem Galvez.  Colt is currently pursuing a church ministry degree from Oral Roberts University.

Colt has been the music minister at the Grand Old Gospel Hour 2005-present.  He has also been the keyboardist for the Jim Bakker show and toured with the Contemporary Christian artist Allen Asbury, which he says is “one of my coolest musical experiences”. He palyed guitar for the #1 Hits of the 6o’s show and has also played for the Legends in Concert Show, the 70’s Show, Lost in the 50’s, and several other Branson shows.  He currently plays three shows a day for the Bretts and Pierce Arrow, two of Branson’s most in demand shows.

Colt’s life experience has found him involved in various ministries throughout his life.  He states “It is really my passion to reach people”.  He produced the solo project Oceans of Glory in 2003 as well as the church album Come Let Us Praise the Lord.  Additionally he has seen several of his original praise and worship songs published for international distribution.

His favorite musical artists include; Jeff Deyo, Dc Talk, Chris Tomlin, Israel Houghton.  He says he’s really inspired by Gordon Mote- Pianist and the Ed Young ministry.  He also must like the artist James Taylor quite a bit, because that he what he and his beautiful wife Casey named their firstborn son, now two years old with another child on the way.  Casey also has a beautiful voice and participates with Colt in his church ministry.  Of that ministry Colt says “I have a passion to see people raised up in Christ, to be the best that they can be”. 

Colt is looking forward to growing with the Bretts and really excited about their forward thinking musical ideas and increased production capabilities in the future.