Joshua Hall

Joshua joined The Bretts team in May, 2010 as the director of marketing over individual ticket sales. Hailing from Muleshoe, TX, Joshua recently graduated Cum Laude from Southern Virginia University (he and Brydon Brett were housemates) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management and Leadership and a minor in Family and Child Development. He also served a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Porto Alegre, Brazil where he learned to speak Portuguese fluently. Joshua has worked in the printing industry, as a sports photographer, a youth camp counselor, an admissions counselor, and now has his sights set on being Branson’s premier entertainment marketer. Joshua, his wife Cindy, and their newborn son Wesley love living in Branson, and Joshua is excited about his future with The Bretts. “I love to help build new things,” he said. “And as The Bretts expand I know that I will continue to be able to help build the new business areas that are added.” With a strong desire to be his best and use his influence for good Joshua believes that he is in the right place. “The working environment is clean, uplifting, and inspiring,” he said. “I couldn’t have been blessed with a better start to my career.” And The Bretts couldn’t be happier about having Joshua on board. If you have marketing needs, Joshua would love to serve in anyway he can. Feel free to contact him at                                                            


Birthday: July 25

Interests: Singing (especially in a cappella groups); Tennis; Dancing; Pretty much any sport; Listening to good music; and Reading good books.

Favorite musical artists: The Bretts (of course), Colors, Voice Male (The Belgian group), Sam Tsui, Josh Groban, Phil Collins, Daniel Bedingfield, Chicago, Michael Buble, ‘N Sync, Brad Paisley, Celtic Woman, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Michael Jackson.

Favorite movies: Cars, A Knights Tale, Hitch, Amazing Grace, Road to Glory, Remember the Titans, Mega Mind, The Chronicals of Narnia Movies, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Madagascar 2

Favorite books: The Holy Scriptures, The Chronicles of Narnia Series, The Kingdom and the Crown Series, The Lord of the Rings Series, Total Money Makeover, The Mormon Way of Doing Business, How To Win Friends And Influence People, The Illiad, The Aneid.

Who are some people who inspire you? Jesus Christ; My Dad, My mom; My wife; My son; My closest friends; and many others that have sought or are seeking a more excellent and righteous way of living.

Other interesting things about you: I am the second child of seven and my brother, Casey, also works with The Bretts in group sales. I also played tennis in college.