Our Mission

The mission of The Bretts is to positively transform lives by providing excellent, cutting edge, God, family, and country-centered entertainment worldwide. A few years ago we were literally ready to exit show business. We were burnt out and had just had enough in this tough industry. At this crucial time we came together for a family meeting, which proved to be a total turning point for us. We realized that there is a lot of not-so-family entertainment out there and that what we were doing was worthwhile. We came away from that meeting re-energized with a new vision that we wanted to show the world that family can be cool again, and that clean can be cool too. We wanted to demonstrate that excellent entertainment doesn’t have to have profanity, immorality, or vulgarity of any kind. This was a cause that we could sink our teeth into. We truly felt like what we were doing as a family was making a difference, and we wanted to show individuals and families that they can make a difference too.

 Do Something Good

Since that meeting our vision has sharpened and our resolve has only strengthened. We have come in contact with thousands of people who are not only looking for good, clean, wholesome alternatives in entertainment, but who are also trying to do their part to improve the world. The cool thing is that there are millions more just like them everywhere you go. Part of our mission is to help inspire these people to use their unique gifts and talents to do something good and to make a difference.

 Spread the Good

In case you haven’t noticed there is a lot of not-so-clean entertainment out there and it’s available. It’s everywhere you go. It’s on billboards. It’s on television. It’s on YouTube. It’s on Facebook. It’s everywhere. We believe that we can’t just sit around and do nothing if we want the good to be available. Not only should we use our unique talents to do something good, we should use our personal influence to spread the good.

This is what we are all about. We believe that we can do a lot to make an impact, but more importantly, we believe that you can. Together we can make a difference, and as we do, we will find that there are many many more who will want to follow. Let's do something good. Click here to join the cause >>