What are The Bretts all about?

Being a member of The Bretts means much more than just getting onto a stage and putting on a mouth dropping performance. There is a cause much, much greater than just great entertainment that drives each and every member of our team. We have also found that there are many others around the world that are driven by the same cause. The cause that drives The Bretts is summarized into three words… God, Family, and Country. With all the negative influences that exist in the world today, so many are loosing hope. We feel that there are so many positive influences out there that are getting overlooked. We want to help as many people as possible to open their eyes to recognize those positive influences, and to decrease the overall effects of the negative influences on the lives of those around us. Together we can show the world that things that are clean, wholesome, and uplifting are cool! If you are driven by, or want to be driven by the same great cause join our cause and begin spreading that which is good. Join Now >>