Brett Super Fans

Super Fans are selected from the most Brettest fans among The Bretts Street Team. Super Fans are spotlighted in The Brett Gazette and on this page, and receive cool Brett rewards and prizes. If you'd like to be in the running for Super Fan status, then just join The Bretts Street Team and you'll be qualified to get all the exclusive Bretts Street Team rewards and prizes, plus special prizes reserved just for Super Fans.

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 Super Fan – Penny Viscardis

As our gift to you for being the "Super Fan of the Month," you will be receiving a $20 online gift certificate through Facebook or your e-mail inbox shortly. See you again soon!

 Super Fans – Jan & Buzz Franklin

As our gift to you for being the "Super Fans of the Month," you will be receiving a $20 online gift certificates through Facebook or your e-mail inboxes shortly. See you again soon!

 Super Fans – The Minnesota Girls

Kayla and Brianna Hartung (from Melrose, MN), and their friend Megan Wensmann (from Elmdale, MN) are girls that love life. We love having them at the show. They bring posters and always sit on the front row every time they come. Their smiles, screams, and energy always give us a boost. They rock!

As our gift to you for being the "Super Fans of the Month," you all will be receiving $20 online gift certificates through Facebook or your e-mail inboxes shortly. See you again soon!

 Super Fan – Georgette Jones

Georgette Jones is a great friend and fan from right here in the Ozarks. She has come to the show several times this year, and is always one of the loudest cheerers in the audience. She is also an active member of our street team, and a great supporter. Georgette is, herself, an author with a creative mind and is a wonderful person to be around. The thing we most admire about her is her strong faith, which has carried her through many hardships she has faced in life. Georgette, thank you for your example and friendship.

As our gift to you for being the "Super Fan of the Month," you will be receiving a $20 online gift certificate through Facebook or your e-mail inbox shortly. See you again soon!

 Super Fans – The Rowdy Sisters

Char Williamson, PJ Beebe, Fran Brown and Bet Davis are the craziest bunch of sisters we’ve ever met and they have been long time Brett fans. We love these sisters so much. Over the years we’ve come to call them the Rowdy Sisters because they are such good audience members and have such a fun time at our show and at life in general. These young ladies all live in Illinois and recently attended our tour date in Morton, IL where we snapped this photo. Char wrote this in response to receiving this recognition:

“[We] will never forget the morning while the 4 of us were in Branson and having breakfast when [Tom and Briahna] came into the restaurant and went around introducing themselves and inviting everyone to The Bretts Show at 10:00 a.m. After we took pictures of [Tom and Briahna] with us…we all thought "what the heck" and so we drove to the old theater and bought tickets. That was the beginning of our love of The Bretts. We have never missed a year since, and this year we were really lucky because we got to see you twice – once in Branson and once in Morton, IL. I gave my sisters all Brett shirts for Christmas last year and we are hoping to wear them again in September.”

Sorry we don’t have more room in this newsletter to talk about how awesome you ladies are, but accept our love and appreciation for the many years of support and the many more to come as well. You all will be receiving $20 online gift certificates through Facebook or your e-mail inboxes shortly. See you again soon!

 Super Fan – Lacy Weaverling

Lacy and her parents, Max and Beverly, are long-time Brett fans from Pennsylvania. When we went out to Hegins, PA this year to do a show, guess who was on the front row. :) When we opened the curtain on June 9 this year here in Branson guess who was on the front row. :) This award is for Lacy, but she had better share with Max and Beverly. In addition to being at the top of The Bretts Street Team leaderboard Lacy always takes and posts great photos whenever she can see the show. We’re so grateful for Lacy and her awesome support for so many years. And Max, you better bring your new motorcycle next time so we can have a ride. Thanks Lacy. You’ll be getting a $20 Brett Store online gift certificate in your e-mail inbox shortly. See you again soon! 

 Super Fan – Daddy Don Farquhar

Last year Daddy Don’s son, Don, was selected a Brett super fan and the time is way past due to recognize Daddy Don. Don and Daddy Don came to The Bretts Show over 25 times last year (it was probably more than that but we can’t count that high). He is always sporting his Brett t-shirts, leading standing ovations, and making us laugh. We are so grateful for Daddy Don’s wonderful love and support and we wish him a happy birthday on April 23 as well. We love you Daddy Don. Congratulations! You’ll be getting a $20 Brett Store online gift certificate in your e-mail inbox shortly (if there’s anything you don’t already own :) ). See you soon!

 Super Fan – Karen McCrae

Karen lives in Herrman, MO and has been a Brett fan for many years. She hosted us in Herrman for a tour date a couple of years ago, has been to our last two VIP shows, traveled to Moberley, MO for our tour date there back in December, and constantly shares us online. She even brought her son to the Moberley show and he became a fan too! We love ya’ Karen and are always so grateful for your support. You’ll be getting a $20 Brett Store gift certificate in your e-mail inbox shortly. Happy February!

 Super Fans – Bob and Elaine Rentfro

Bob and Elaine are local residents of Branson and we couldn’t be more grateful for their support. They helped us ushering and cleaning for our VIP show back in September and they’ve attended somewhere around 30 shows throughout the year. We are always so grateful and excited when we see Bob and Elaine sitting up in the mezzanine (or up close – we like you making noise Elaine) when the curtain opens. Thank you for being cheerleaders of our family and of our cause Bob and Elaine. We’ll send you a copy of The Bretts Song of Christmas DVD when it’s finally finished. Merry Christmas!





 Super Fan – Amanda Lannoye

Amanda is a long time friend and fan of The Bretts. She comes from Kiester, MN (at the very bottom of the state ironically), but is currently living in Norfolk, VA as her husband serves in the U.S. military. Amanda and the rest of her family have been known to attend up to 5+ Brett shows in a row.

Amanda had this to say about The Bretts: “The Bretts Show is an incredible family show that all ages will enjoy. When the show is over I always wish there was more and for the rest of the day you'll feel like you're on cloud 9 and skipping around." Thank you for being such an awesome Bretts Street Team member Amanda. Amanda is receiving The Bretts Song of Christmas DVD 2010 as soon as it is printed and available. See you in Branson or online soon Amanda!

 Super Fan – Stacy McDonald

Stacy McDonald is one of The Bretts favorite long-time fans. She lives in Hollister, MO and has worked in the Branson entertainment industry for many years. She enjoys the uplifting and inspiring nature of The Bretts Show and always sits on the front row when she comes.

Her feelings are summed up in her most recent Facebook wall post. “Yea, you guys are pretty much amazing…just sayin.:)” Yea, you’re pretty much amazing too Stacy. Just sayin’. Thank you for being so good to us. See you on opening day in Branson!

 Super Fan – Don Farquhar

Don is a retired Deputy Sheriff from Leavenworth, KS. He now lives in Overland Park, KS as a caretaker for his father and, oh yeah, as a huge Brett fan.

“…It was during one of our scuba diving trips to Table Rock Lake that I first saw a group of singers that I fell in love with, The Bretts. I am now my father's caregiver, don't go anywhere without him so if anyone ever see's me they will see him too. Every year we visit Branson your show is number one on the lists of shows that we see…We plan on being on the front row for your opening show on April 12th.” We’ll be there too Don. :) Thank you for all of your (and your father’s) support. Your free DVD is in the mail. See you in a few weeks!

Brett Family Fan of the Month: Dominique Williams

 Super Fan – Dominique Williams

Dominique is one of The Bretts’ biggest young fans. She makes the trip to Branson from her home in Kansas City, MO many times throughout the year and is always an awesome audience member.

Dominique wrote, “I love your show. I just wanted to thank you for giving me something to look forward to when I come to Branson, Missouri. Thank you for being a great, entertaining, loving family!…Without your show I would not be as happy as I am now…because you give the experience of a lifetime. Thank you so much!”

The real thank you goes to you Dominique. Your Inspiration CD is in the mail. See you again soon!

Brett Family Fan of the Month: Jeff Willer

 Super Fan – Jeff Willer

Jeff lives in North Dakota and has been a fan of The Bretts for years. He is the travel coordinator for the North Dakota Farmers Union.

Jeff wrote, “I have enjoyed watching you ever since I saw you on the [Showboat] Branson Belle…  I also enjoy playing your CD's on the bus for our passengers to listen to you when we are on other tours. I am your biggest fan, size included.”

A BIG thank you to Jeff for all the years of support! Jeff, your Lasting Love Songs CD will be on its way soon.

Brett Family Fan of the Month: Thea Noles

 Super Fan – Thea Noles

Thea lives in Florida and is an avid Brett fan.

She wrote, “Why should I be fan of the month? Because I AM fan of the month, the day, the week, the year!!!…I tell EVERYONE to go to Branson to see YOUR show!  I tell everyone that you are the BEST SHOW there!!!!”

Thank you Thea for your incredible love and support! Your free DVD is in the mail!