How’s Garon Doing in Colombia?

By Brydon Brett

"How's Garon doing?" My family and I get asked this question a lot. Garon is serving a two-year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Bogota, Colombia. Everyone always wonders if he's safe down there. Not to worry, Garon is completely safe, and he is having the best experience of his life. I should know because I also served a mission among the heathens…in Portland, OR. :) Seriously though, serving a mission was the best thing I ever did and I know Garon feels the same. We get weekly e-mails from him, and we get to talk to him on the phone twice a year – on Mother's Day and Christmas. He sounded great this last Mother's Day and his e-mails are something all of us look forward to every week. In this blog post we thought we'd share some excerpts from some of Garon's e-mails so you can get a glimpse of what he's doing down in South America. Take it away Garon…

"Hi family.  Before starting I will say, Yes, that is me on a llama…"

"Hi family. It's me again. I'm just here in Colombia where it's pretty darn hot. We've had quite a bit of rain this week though. I guess that's a little better than the snow that you all are going through though. I do have to admit that I miss seeing the snow a little bit.  This has been a pretty good week though….[Garon then started talking about a family he met in Colombia and their son who he has really come to love named Nelson] He's already started thinking about serving a mission. We walked to the airport together to say bye to Edgar Leon (he left Thursday for his mission) and Nelson and I talked the whole time about what the mission was like and how to prepare and different things. It was so awesome. He also told me… "I want to write a song for you to take back to america and sing with your brother". We showed up at their house yesterday and it was done. Ha It's seriously such a good song and just makes you happy. He kind of has a country groove mixed with Jason Mraz. It's so good and I'll be bringing that back to sing with my brother."

"Dear family….Well a cool experience was that we went to Jorge Betancour's house (21 year old inv) and when we got to his house I stood up on a ledge to look in his window and scare the heck out of him. Well he wasn't there so I put one foot down well the other one was on the ledge. I didn't really realize how high the ledge was and it was the moment in my life when i realized that my legs aren't very long. My one foot I was dropping touched the ground after my back did i think and i did a little flip thing and was on my feet. I hurt.  But I laughed at myself. Yep."

"Hi family. It is me. I'm pretty happy to hear that Branson is doing okay. Everyone keeps asking me if I still have a house and a family. I'm happy that I can now say yes. The truth is that part of me would really love to be there to go and help in Joplin. I don't like when things like that happen anywhere. It's amazing how events like that really open people up to conversations about God. We've had so many questions this week about "What do you think about all these disasters?" or "what is 

your take on the end of the world?". It's such a blessing to be able to calmly respond and help people understand the hope that we…have in terms of 'the end of the world'.

"Well hi there. It's just your son and brother again. So you all are pretty great. This week has been pretty great as well. We had 4 doctor appointments which to be honest I don't like cause it felt like such a waste of time cause we didn't work as much as we would have liked this week. Oh well, what do you do?It was good though cause the doctora cut my toenails out. So I don't have any pain at all. THats's pretty great. It reminded me of grandpa C though when he told us about getting his teeth fixed cause the lady didnt use anything to numb my toes and as I thought she was just looking at my toes she began to cut the infected part out. Haha She only used a little disinfectant spray. Ha it was pretty cool. Elder Salgado did take a video of it though so I'll try to send that. The other doctors visits were for Elder Salgado so I just did some studying and memorizing of scriptures.

Well the best things about this week have been that I'm starting to see my desires change. I realized this morning that I've always wanted to be someone that does things differently than others but now I really want to do things as Christ would do them. I think when we try to be more like Him we end up being different than others anyway. I'm a far ways off the target of being like Him obviously, but it was a nice realization this morning that I'm wanting that more. It makes this work a lot easier like Brydon said "when you do it His way" and not your own. That doesn't mean not to use your imagination, cause I think using your imagination is His way because He created us to create and imagine new ways. Our imaginations can only be used His way though if they're used under His guidelines….So i'm trying to use my imagination and creativity in His way to help people in their needs. It feels better."

If you'd like we can always post more, but hopefully this gives you a bit of a feel for how he's doing. We love him and can't wait to have him back, but we wouldn't have him anywhere else right now. He is really growing to love the people he is serving, and we can sense he's going to be sad when he has to leave them.  And just like he's making a difference in Colombia we feel the difference you make in our lives here in Branson daily. Thank you for your support, and for sharing your time and gifts like Garon is doing for the people of South America.  Until next time…



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10 Responses to How’s Garon Doing in Colombia?

  1. Lisa Steele says:

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Evelyn Snell says:

    So thrilled to hear how Garon is doing in Columbia. I bet you will be thrilled when he comes home though. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  3. Thea Noles says:

    I loved reading excerpts from Garon’s emails. And will read more if you put more out there! When is Garon scheduled to come home?
    Love you all!

  4. Lesli says:

    So good to get some details about Garon. And I am so glad he is loving this experience. He will continue to be a blessing in the lives of so many.

    • thebrettfamily says:

      Yes he will! Is this Aunt Lollie? :) If it is, then we love ya’. If it isn’t then we still love ya’. :)

  5. Mary Jane Marquart says:

    Thank you so much for sharing some of Garon’s e-mails to you. Like you all are, I think and pray for Garon each day. It is so nice to have the update.


  6. Vanessa says:

    Hi, guys!!!

    Loved to hear about Elder Brett and his adventures in my 2nd homeland, Colombia!!! Too bad he didn’t go the Colombia Barranquilla Mission, near the Caribbean. My SUD friends would’ve spoiled him rotten. Anyway, I have friends in Bogota who are probably spoiling the nutcase, so it’s all cool.

    • thebrettfamily says:

      Haha! He is doing great down there and probably getting spoiled like you say. :) He loves Bogota but it sounds like Barranquilla would have been great too. :)

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