My Love List

By: Andrea Brett

It’s February and I was tasked with writing this month’s blog about “LOVE.” When Joshua first asked me to do it, I’m embarrassed to admit, I did one of those small internal groans. I thought the subject seemed a little cliché – you know, February… Love… But after I pondered it a bit longer, I realized that LOVE is the best subject in the world, and it really is very nice that we have February to remind us of it. So, I’ve been gathering a list of things I LOVE. I was only going to share 10, but, oops, 10 turned into 20 (plus). I got carried away. These are in no particular order:

I LOVE Brach’s Peanut Clusters, and I LOVE that a very sweet person just sent me some in the mail.

I LOVE working with and living with the finest people I know in the world – my own family.

I LOVE the color green and how green surrounds me during springtime in Branson.

I LOVE great music and that my home is filled with it.

I LOVE it when people are just nice. 

I LOVE being “Mammy” to the two most amazing little guys in the world – Ivan and August.

I LOVE the peace and quiet and creativity of the early morning hours.

I LOVE my Dad. 

I LOVE making soup in the wintertime.

I LOVE snuggly blankets and any moment I can capture to put one to use.

I LOVE all the amazing things I can do on my iPhone, and that there are such smart people in the world who figure out how to make things like iPhones.

I LOVE beautiful fabric and what it can become.

I LOVE the smell of Auntie Anne’s pretzels and Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls.

I LOVE clean, white, warm towels out of the dryer. I LOVE that I have a dryer.

I LOVE that our home is gathering place for all the people that I LOVE.

I LOVE the happy sounds of my ukulele. I LOVE the amazing sounds of Bobby Blackburn’s guitar.

I LOVE the people in my life that are creative and positive and who work so hard to make my life easier. The Bretts Show team is full of them.

I LOVE being in a business that allows me to connect with so many amazing people – our colleagues, our audience, our fans who all have become our friends.

I LOVE being loved by my family, my friends and mostly by my Heavenly Father and my Savior. 

I know that I have to quit writing my LOVE list at some point, so I will leave it there; but what’s so amazing is that it could go on and on and on. There really is so much to LOVE in the world. And I LOVE that February reminds me of it all.  Thanks, Joshua, for asking me to do this.  (Sometimes it’s good to be cliché!)


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