People of Delta

by Brydon Brett

Have you ever seen that People of Wal-Mart web site? It’s kind of a pop culture phenomenon. If you haven’t seen it then I’ll save you the trouble. It’s just pictures snapped of people shopping or loitering at Wal-Mart in sometimes unbelievable outfits and circumstances. I can’t honestly recommend perusing the site, but I’m sitting at gate E9 of the Atlanta, GA International Airport right now and I wish I had a camera.

I’m on the plane now. It’s been said that Delta stands for Don’t Even Leave The Airport. I don’t know who said that. I like Delta. Comfortable seats, nice flight attendants, just had a lovely chicken breast with spinach and garlicky stuffing. The lady in front of me just reclined her seat back to the fullest. I feel like a T-Rex trying to peck away at the keyboard now. This might be a shorter post than I was expecting to write.

We’re headed to Germany. We’ll be doing 14 shows at the Triberger Weihnachtszauber (Christmas Magic) festival in Triberg. It is beautiful there and the people are so cool. Dad speaks fluent German. None of us do. This means that we stand on stage smiling while dad talks (This isn’t really anything different from our English-speaking shows, but at least we can speak up for ourselves when he says something we find not funny). This also means that dad talks to the audience and frequently they point at me and laugh. I’m a pretty smart guy. I think dad just said something about me. I can say, “I’m hungry,” and “What’s up dog?” in German – a very useful combination if you’re starving and you need to borrow Das Puppy Chow from a German Shepherd. It would also be good if American Idol came to Deutschland and you had to translate for Randy Jackson.

The lady just left her seat for the lavatory. Should I prop her seat back up and see if she notices?

So we haven’t been good at keeping up with The Brett Gazette this fall. Blame it on our marketing guy. Honestly, we’ve just been snowed under with everything required to run this show business and we really apologize for not keeping in better contact with you. New Year’s resolution for sure. Anyway, I know you’ll forgive us because you haven’t written us a Brett Gazette either. J

There’s something about flying above the clouds and leaving your native land a thousand miles behind that makes you kind of reflect on where you’ve been. We’ve had a great 2011. Our winter/spring tour was great. We didn’t think we could pull it off without Briahna on tour (she couldn’t tour because of the baby) but we did. Our Branson season was our best yet – record-setting in fact. Merrill finished basic training and is now an official member of the U.S. military. Ivan has only one bump on his head right now. Mom is working on a new project that should be exciting for all of our veterans. Dad is honestly singing better than ever. He pulled through a week of laryngitis that made us wonder if we would have to cancel shows for the first time ever. We didn’t have to cancel and he is feeling much better. We won Best Morning Show again and Best Patriotic Tribute. Garon is doing great down in Colombia. We’ll get to Skype him on Christmas day. And I am still working on a book and juggling many projects. Everything is in process and in progress. There is SO much more good to come!

She’s back. It’s time to wrap this up before she figures out how to turn her seat into a bed.

All of these interesting People of Delta make me think about the wonderful diversity and circumstances of you – our friends and fans. We have been so blessed this year to travel a lot and meet more people than ever. All of us come from different places and stages, but we all share the love of the good, the clean, and the wholesome. We have the best friends and fans! I don’t think we can say thank you enough for all of your support and encouragement this year. Next year is going to be even better! We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! See you in 2012!

P.S. They say that 75% of people read the post script. Just checking. Merry Christmas. smiley

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3 Responses to People of Delta

  1. Karen McCrae says:

    LOve the blog!
    I’m wishing you a great time in Germany and know that the shows will be awesome! God Bless!
    Looking forward to seeing you next year!
    Merry Christmas!

    Love, Karen

  2. Susan Krueger says:

    Have a great time in Germany. Still hoping to see you back in Texas one of these days.

  3. Thea Noles says:

    Merry Christmas Bretts!! Though I haven’t seen you in quite a while, you are still like family to me. I love you and wish you the best. Hoping to get to Branson in 2012. Please post when Garon will be coming home, ok?
    P.S. And have a Happy New Year too!!!

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