Tornado Pics & We’re Open For Business!

Okay, I’m taking a quick break from rehearsals to write this. We open on April 16 (just a few days away) so life is pretty hectic right now. BUT we are SOOOO grateful because we are opening in our theater and not somewhere else. We can’t express enough thanks to everyone who has been working around the clock to get Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater back in business. Our theater-mates, Legends In Concert, open on April 14 and we go on stage two days after that. The show is going to be better than ever! This year is going to better than ever! We have great new stuff going in the show and so much more going on behind the scenes too – many cool things to come in the future. Yeah baby! Okay, I gotta’ run but here are some pixies of the theater right after it was hit by the tornado. A lot of people have asked what it looked like, so here ya’ go. When you see these pictures and compare them to what the theater looks like NOW it’s miraculous that the crew was able to pull of what they did in just 44 days. So cool. The main message here is that we’re open for business, BRANSON IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS, and 2012 promises to be BRETTER than ever. :) Can’t wait to see you this year!

- Brydon

Jackie B. Goode’s Midtown Café (attached to our theater): Back in operation.

Parking Lot: The tornado just pulled up light posts like they were baby carrots. That was a weak analogy but you get my point.

In the auditorium: Our new sky roof. They’ve re-installed a brand new roof on the entire theater now.

The entrance: Next time we should be more particular about who we allow to enter. A “No tornadoes allowed to enter” sign would probably be in order.

More entrance

The lobby: The lobby was pretty demolished, but NO priceless Dick Clark’s memorabilia was harmed and none of the box office computer systems were touched either. All of our offices were preserved as well. What a blessing!

The auditorium: Thank goodness it was sunny day after the tornado. There was a lot of water damage inside the auditorium though, so we have brand-new sound, lighting and video equipment which will make the show even better than it was.

The sign on the corner: Our sign survived but not very well. That will be new too. 

More parking lot

More parking lot: This tram didn’t fair very well, but again, a new and improved tram is coming.

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2 Responses to Tornado Pics & We’re Open For Business!

  1. Cathy White says:

    Thanks for the pictures and I am so happy to hear you are opening next week. You have been so blessed and I am so thankful that things are looking up for you and family and sounds like your future is going to be bright. Take care and GOD BLESS ALL! Maybe see you in November.

    Cathy White-Omaha Nebraska

  2. Dorothy Raley says:

    We will be there in September. This will be our 7th time to see your show. You call us the California Girls. Sonia Long and Dorothy Raley
    Can hardly wait.

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