What do we do in our “off-season?”

by Brydon Brett

Okay, this will probably be a short blog post this month. People ask us all of the time what we do during our “off-season.” I put “off-season” in quotation marks because quotation marks indicate what people say, and “off-season” is what people say. We (The Bretts) don’t call it the “off-season,” nor does anybody on our team. It’s against our company policy actually. We all call it the “prep-season” in quotation marks so we stay in the attitude of work and preparation. That’s why we do it. So, now that we’ve got that cleared up, here’s a little photo journey of what we do during our quotation mark prep-season quotation mark. Nothing big, I just snapped these photos with my cell phone, but it’s better than watching Nicki Minaj on the Grammy’s Show (or so I hear – I didn’t watch). Hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s week!

Performing in Germany: Singing in Triberg, Germany at the end of December. It rocks! Our trip to Germany has become a "prep-season" tradition.


Special Appearances: Me performing at Branson High School's Project Graduation benefit show. That is Terry Wayne Sanders as Joan Rivers and Dr. Doug Hayter (superintendent of Branson schools). I'll probably grow my hair out like that.


Rehearsing: We are in rehearsals for tour dates and for our April 16 Branson opening. We're working on our sound and trying to get better.


Working on New Stage: This was our backstage at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater (See the video >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVOLVp5_e-o&list=UUmlC_Sv5zOv7XdW35LzLmng&index=1&feature=plcp) about two weeks ago. Totally new set. It's gonna be killy!

Tour Dates: Me on the Kris Allen stage in Conway, AR on our way to a tour date in Oak Grove, LA. Check our other tour dates for 2012 here >> http://www.brettfamily.com/schedule/tour-schedule/

Business Planning: We're in the office every day working with our team to make this year the best ever. We have an incredible team!

Office Work: Music business is often a lot more business than music, so there's always more to do than can be done. It's a 24/6 (we take Sundays off) job.

We’re also writing new songs, arranging new music, producing new shows, taking lessons (finally), giving lessons, fulfilling our church responsibilities and much more. We’re so excited about everything we’re doing. Sometimes when you get caught up in the busyness of business and all the tasks we “have to do,” we forget about why we’re doing it in the first place. It’s really all for you ultimately. Our goal is to positively transform lives, bring people closer together, and show the world that family can be cool again and that clean is cool too. We want you to be happier and better because of your association with us. I’ve said this before, but Branson is so cool because God, family, and country are cool here, and it’s those three pillars that keep us believing and moving forward. Hopefully it’s connecting with you and making a difference. Anyway, ‘til next month have a great one and just know that we love ya’. Thanks for everything!


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  1. LINDA BEAS says:

    Just a note after watching the news of the tornado in Branson to say I hope none of the family were working late and that no one was hurt. It looks like the theatre is in bad shape. We have had calls on our condo to see if it was spared and it seems that the tornado hit Branson, skipped over Schooner Bay and then slammed into Port of Kimmberling, just across the road from us. Thank God. It would have really been bad luck to buy a condo one year and have it hit by a tornado the next. I sincerely hope your homes were also spared. I hope Janie and I will see you soon.

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